Family Tree «Planting Seeds»


Family Tree «Planting Seeds»

700 руб.

CD Disc. 2001


  1. I Stand Alone (G[Riot])
  2. Deep Rooted (Iomos Marad feat. Capital D)
  3. Mr. Elegba’s Drum (Mr. Greenweedz)
  4. Elements Of Style (All Natural  feat. Iomos Marad and Allstar The Fabulous)
  5. Pastures (G[Riot])
  6. U Ain’t Ready (Capital D feat. Mr. Greenweedz)
  7. The Mic (Iomos Marad)
  8. It’s A Shame (Mr. Greenweedz)
  9. ILL Advisory (All Natural  feat. J.U.I.C.E.)
  10. One (Capital D feat. Iomos Marad)
  11. Continuos (Daily Plannet)
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