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WARPORN Industries — World’s End

WARPORN Industries — World’s End текст песни

На этой странице вы найдете текст песни WARPORN Industries — World’s End

Yeah !
Sick Jacken:
Def time to put the needle on plates to rock vinyl
Dusty fingers digging in crates to puff rhino
Whiskey breathe, tatted on flesh >?????<
WARPORN out on your deck > it’s online???<
We shit on your idol crosshairs finish your final
Eliminate all rivals Homie this is survival
Crime wave total dictate >poor/porn ??< recital
Sick psycho homicidal music’s My title
From that downtown Apocalypse rocking this
Retarded,  it’s full clips stray bullets
Random who the target is bystander My standard
No way

Technical weaponry, rhyme style heavenly
Learn My pedigree burn My effigy
Spit My therapy smoke My remedy
I’m passive aggressively choke My enemy
Invoke My rebelry provoke My cavalry
Fuck it let’s trilogy WARPORN Industry
Terminate assassinate with extreme bigotry
Heavyweight armorplate subatomic energy
Necronomicon triple hexagon
One level beyond the devil’s word is bond
Put murder on a song the burner in your palm
>Third eight/3rd rate ??< death toll
Underwater death row crocodile tearing
Never loving god fearing bio engineering
Stem cell cloning fellate with the boning
International zoning
Seven Samurai all die by one Ronin

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Слова песни WARPORN Industries — World’s End.

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