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WARPORN Industries — Dazed

WARPORN Industries — Dazed текст песни

На этой странице вы найдете текст песни WARPORN Industries — Dazed

Yo, I’m mega-volcanic
I’m hyper-kinetic
I’m pseudo-organic
I’m ultra-magnetic
I’m bio-mechanic
Keep calm, don’t panic
The world get frantic
We bomb the whole planet
I’m Dr. Strangelove reading Art of War
48 Laws more than you bargained for
Kick in the door wearing Jordan Red 4s
All I heard was, «Whitey Ford, you spit it so raw!»
Tongue on the floor, eye on the throne
It’s murder by drone in the no-fly zone
That’s my word, cabrón, get your third eye blown
My balls and my word, it’s all I own
Scheme Team, Syndicate
Assassinate the Magistrate
Southern Cali Califate
Born to make haters hate
Rambo, Commando
Iraq, Vietnam
Fast life, Ramadan
Blast like atomic bomb
Cash rule Babylon
The road less traveled on
Pentagram, Pentagon
Megaton, way beyond
Subliminal, visual
Facts that are actual
Supreme mathematical
God’s on sabbatical

Sick Jacken:
From the first murder
Burnin’ pot made us fast learners
17th block turned the kid to blast further
Novocaine brain, mad snort the Larry Bird-a
All to numb the pain, ensure the [Barry?] murmers
Been dazed by 10 sprays a day
In a neighborhood we’re raised by gunshots and AKs
Young [AZs?], esés do not play
Price paid, put away, you’re a [black grave?]
No passes, low classes, hazards
Smoking dust to dust and end up with ash to ashes
Warrior shit, bad enough for gangsta glasses
No choice in the street ring
But that’s like Cassius
That stick and move, with the sickest crews
Walk a street while at war with a clique or two
Paranoid on the rock and the liquor too
Go to college, graduate when you hit the [?]
Shoot lead, so hot like Zeppelin
A spark in the dark can light up your whole residence
Apartment building, seek shelter
Bullet hole, the evidence
Romanticizing violence
Giving death a little etiquette

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Слова песни WARPORN Industries — Dazed.

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