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Jedi Mind Tricks — When the Body Goes Cold

Jedi Mind Tricks — When the Body Goes Cold текст песни

На этой странице вы найдете текст песни Jedi Mind Tricks — When the Body Goes Cold

I was born with the devil whispering in my ear
I’m done trying to fight it
It’s almost as if the darkness has showed me the light
You are a god

[Vinnie Paz]
One two, yeah, pack pistol Pazienza
Yo Stoupe, what up hermano
Jedi Mind all day
Listen, check me out, yeah

[Verse 1: Vinnie Paz]
It’s proof positive he never thought before the loss
This stupid motherfucker put the cart before the horse
I navigate hurdles like a jockey on a horse
This stick shift way too sloppy on the porsche
Palm sized highs are doubled [?] two shooter
You now Whitaker when he movin’ with Lou Duva
The gold dots don’t go in you, they move through you
I beat a motherfucker like Bruiser abuse Luger
Sometimes we take it in blood it gotta be rid
Oh, this pussy want war, man he gotta be shit
I’m an animal that mean that I’m a monkey on the beat [Ooh ooh ah ah]
I don’t like you doggy I don’t like the company you keep
He ain’t take the L well he about to conceit
He like Stottlemeyer pa, I’m far out of his league
Listen, Henry the eighth I’m taking his head
I’m like Yeshua with lazarus, I’m waking the dead
Have his body folded over like he making the bed
Him no god fearer he gonna worship satan instead
See my chopper lonely and she need a oppa to kiss
I need bodies and your name is at the top of the list, stupid

Dope, crack, guns I ain’t happy till we all get some
Ain’t nothing funny when the chopper gets drawn
So we rise up, yeah we rise up, so we rise up
OD, pills, I ain’t happy till your whole crew killed
Motherfucker, how these dumb dumb feels when we rise up
Yeah we rise up, so we rise up

[Verse 2: Vinnie Paz]
Oh, you nicer than me money? That’s a bald faced lie
How you worship Scarface knowing Scarface died?
You know the semi always near when the car race by
The Bugatti big rind it’s Beyonce fly
This is crack in a pipe and I cooked it in the pyrex
O.G. taught a young boy to make a dime stretch
Junkies everywhere sniffing goma like it’s Sinex
Anybody who doesn’t know the time should check their timex
I met Sean Price and rocked steady where the god rests [RIP Sean Price]
Blood Runs Cold was recorded in the projects
The first record was too difficult to digest
Heavy on delirium and paranoia complex
Old motherfuckers still live in the past
And these young boys trash so I’m whipping their ass
Listen, my shooters push weight like a barbell
Never stepped on and it’s cheaper than a yard sale


[Outro: Vinnie Paz]
Jedi Mind, steadily shine
Pack pistol Pazienza

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Слова песни Jedi Mind Tricks — When the Body Goes Cold.

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