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Jedi Mind Tricks — Making a Killing

Jedi Mind Tricks — Making a Killing текст песни

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There’s absolutely no trick to looking back on the great injustices of our time
And condemning them, we understand that, we’ve got that
The trick is always to look at what we’re doing today
As if we’re at some point in the future looking back
And figure out what the oppressions and the injustices are that we’re committing today
And to get them out of our lives

[Chorus: Thea Alana]
Heaven said no
When you knocked out the door
Your fire could kill a child and a mom
Heaven said no
When you pointed your gun
Your face could make the joker wake up

[Verse 1: Vinnie Paz]
Do you have compassion for everything alive?
Or animals don’t matter to you, they can be deprived
Animals are individuals and have feelings too
They feel loneliness and happiness like people do
25 billion killed every year
The average person culpable for 90 plus a year
Overcrowded stalls, cages, and crates
No sunlight, no grass under their feet
They breathe, and they think, and they feel
But we feast, and we drink, and we kill
Factory farms inject stimulants and hormones
They’re fed other cows, they’re fed hog bones
Hundreds of thousands are poisoned and blinded
To test cosmetics for the small, small minded
The rainforests being destroyed to raise cattle
Wildlife habitat became the battle
They spray farms with herbicides and pesticides
You know how much poison is in insecticides?
The same chemicals destroy topsoil and leak into the ground and turn the ocean into oil
Genetically manipulated to grow larger
Only to be led to the slaughter
I don’t see it as being a conquest
But people need to fight while there’s still time left


[Verse 2: Vinnie Paz]
Crash and combine the crates and tear them by the neck
They can’t move their bodies and they could starve to death
They bang their heads from the psychological distress
Hellish conditions, that’s not what I would call respect
Would you do that to your dog or your cat?
Do you really see the difference in a frog or a rat?
What’s sacred to you here might not be sacred in Tibet
So who are you to say what should be eaten or a pet
It’s a revolving door and it turn, you can’t differentiate between the moral concern
An agitated pig might bite each other’s tails
So they hack it off at birth and then they lead it into hell
Chicken beaks are seared off by farmers
But they call it debeaking, I call it torture
Boiled alive, you don’t think it’s karma?
Money come before mercy, that’s the mantra
Cows give birth, their calfs are separated
Factory workers are either scared or they’re jaded
The leather industry is tied to the meat industry
Inextricably they’re both responsible for misery
A non-meat diet can slow the process of aging
Avoid toxic food, contaminants, and enslavement
Reduce global warming and end world hunger
So think about it next time you sit down for supper

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