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Jedi Mind Tricks — Rashindun Caliphate

Jedi Mind Tricks — Rashindun Caliphate текст песни

На этой странице вы найдете текст песни Jedi Mind Tricks — Rashindun Caliphate

[Intro: Vinnie Paz]
Yeah, Jedi Mind
Look, yeah

[Verse 1: Vinnie Paz]
Ayo doggy this about to get real, real dark
The bulldogs barkin’ and the [?]
I don’t call it theft if you steal real art
I’m like Benny Hinn real deal heart
I’mma have him looking through his hands like peekaboo
This nerd seen looking for his body like pikachu
They don’t have to look for it, he dead in the cathedral
He don’t need air plus the body bag breathable
They still out here pitching the coach
And them thieves waiting on him like a slippery slope
If you want a man to hang himself then give him a rope
And it’s 10 below out here give him his coat
Your ass bent watch somebody playing with the shooter
Now the shooter gonna have to aim at your medulla
Everybody know Vinnie keeping it stacked
Everything above bored, I’ma leave it at that

A young man went to see the world
What did he find? He found the war
He learned to kill, and then to cry
[?] he cried no more

[Verse 2: Vinnie Paz]
Ye, put you in the solar system with Shamesh
The murder came easy to me but I digress
Oh, y’all wanna hate on me? God bless
Son thought living was the center of his purpose
But he ain’t have god at the center of his worship
It’s like the venom of the serpent
Talking to a person who a veteran insurgent
He like medusa in the pit but he don’t know he dealing with the nucleus of this
See, I’m the Lex Luthor of this shit and I’m gonna have to find another boot for you to kiss
The fire gonna burn and I’m lighting the gas
That’s the easy way to learn now he enlightened to ask
It’s 20 plus years and we did it our way
Lights dimmed down Vinnie hard way


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Слова песни Jedi Mind Tricks — Rashindun Caliphate.

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