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Apathy & O.C. — Soviet Official

Apathy & O.C. — Soviet Official текст песни

На этой странице вы найдете текст песни Apathy & O.C. — Soviet Official

[Intro: Apathy]

You’ve got to know
I’ve been waitin’ so long
You’ve got to know
I’ve been waitin’…

[Verse 1: Apathy]

Abracadabra the slasher to turn rapper
Only walk the red carpet to cover the blood splatter
I’m faster and deadlier as data they gather to master
Particle accelerators were searchin’ for dark matter, Yo
I ain’t come to grab the mic or rock the party
I came to cock the shotty and knock the chakras out your body
I’m like Rocky playin’ hockey, peep my game face
I’ll uppercut you out your Nikes if they ain’t laced
Trust me it ain’t safe, I can’t even aim straight
I pray the ricochet and your face will meet in the same place
Y’all be smoking that crack with Lamar Odom
Scratchin’ your scrotum and hackin’ NASA with a dial-up modem
All the bodies and skeletons I produce
Got ’em thinkin’ there’s a Jack the Ripper Rapper on the loose
Boost records like Steel from Juice. You want a truce?
When I punch you in the nose like the Wally World Moose

[Hook: Apathy]

You’ve got to know
I’ve been waitin’ so long
You’ve got to know
I’ve been waitin’…

[Verse 2: O.C.]

Alakazam I appear through a cloud of smoke
Risin’ from the floor, levitatin’ above ’em all
Be on the Call of Duty, O’s a Commodore
Rank much higher than the Captain and the Officer
Most of these rappers nowadays ill-advised
Skirt-wearers, purse carriers, look feminine besides
It’s a movement that exists, and it’s called gay pride
So stop hidin’ out yourself if that’s your lifestyle
There’s nuttin’ wrong with being true to your form
But a flaws bein’ somethin’ ya not
My uniform is decorated with stripes and stars
Medals and gold bars and ribbons drape weighin’ down my camouflage
The game’s rigged from the start in other words call it sabotage
Fall and I assume the role of John Hobbs
Burn tarot cards ’til flames turn bluer than aliens from Avatar
Paradise, Shangri La

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Слова песни Apathy & O.C. — Soviet Official.

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