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Apathy & O.C. — Globetrotters

Apathy & O.C. — Globetrotters текст песни

На этой странице вы найдете текст песни Apathy & O.C. — Globetrotters

[Verse 1: Apathy]

It feels like life’s in slow motion, water and ice frozen
Overnight flights ‘fore the mics get ripped open
I never had a chance, rockin’ hand-me-down pants
Now I’m chillin’ in France, fillin’ passports with stamps
Who woulda thought, I wish that my father was still here
Kickin’ knowledge in my ear when my thoughts aren’t clear
But every time I’m 30,000 feet up in the stratosphere
I got an angel on the wings to extinguish the fear
Now the world’s not as big as when I was a little kid
I got fans in Deutschland who know every song I did
Backstage gettin’ sweated by these typical whores
You couldn’t pull em off the dick with centrifugal force
World tours feel hard core as World War One
Family members see the pictures and think that it’s all fun
But nights with no sleep and shitty food to eat
And 12 hour drives got me emotionally beat
But retreat’s not an option, I got fans in Scotland
Who travel to see me in London at shows that I’m rockin’
So I pose for the photos, pop a couple a NoDoz
Pass the promos and sign Demigodz logos


Even when the lights are faded
I’m just tryin’ to take you beyond the stars
Bring you to this world we built that’s rightfully ours
For you, I want for you
(It’s all for you, It’s really all for you)
I want for you, I want for you
(It’s all for you, It’s really all for you)
I want

[Verse 2: Jus Cuz]

So many places, unfamiliar bases
Playin’ stage is game on fanfares the basis
Between me an A it’s a long ass playlist
Sweat pourin’ from the house lights n lasers
Back to back shows, rackin’ up cash flows
Then on to another town touchin’ asphalt
Under the skies of Norway, where folks back home
Wouldn’t believe that it was midnight here that look like noon
The clock in my head is still on that EST time
High off excitement otherwise I’d be asleep now
Though I took a vow to entertain crowds
Takes a toll on my body quite often when I’m Globetrottin’
A two-week stretch is truly a test
With no days off, the rest becomes very intense
Sellin’ ya own merch, opportunists leapin’ at the chance
To get ya voice on a verse that’s shit as trash and won’t work
Movin’ right along, thous in my mental log
Look for the Statue returnin’ home flyin’ from abroad
No (no) Sleep (Sleep) Till Brooklyn (All I’m thinkin’ is sleep when I hit the door)

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Слова песни Apathy & O.C. — Globetrotters.

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