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Lady Leshurr — Queen’s Speech 5

Lady Leshurr — Queen’s Speech 5 текст песни

На этой странице вы найдете текст песни Lady Leshurr — Queen’s Speech 5

Verse 1
Please don’t stop for a Chinwag
You need a tic tac
You will get broke up like a kit kat
And then taken out like a bin bag
Becar it’s going down lowblow
So don’t make me snap like a photo
…….Slow mo
I’ll come through hooded up like Trayvon
All blacked out like Akon
I’m a come to your door like Avon
And make you gimme them notes like Trey Songz
Mad ting Sad ting like a Drake Song
Everything’s cool payphone
I told you to change your panties, so why you still wearing the same ones?
Dutty Ay
No Sean Paul
I’m bad gyal what you gon do?
Look I’ve got supporters in Cornwall
And I know some Ballers in Portmore
But wait, why do girls love to do that pose?
Are they your new trainers
What are thoseeeee
Eedjat gyal
Pick your nose and eat it gyal
I am the realist gyal
You ain’t like Melesha
I’m a hurricane yeah I’m Katrina
English class didn’t like the teacher
So I walked out like Bye Felicia!!
Stay in school kids

They don’t show no appreciation
Keep things short like abbreviation
All these girls are really hating
When they’re lips look like crispy bacon
Crispy bacon
Crispy bacon
Crispy bacon
Your lips look like crispy bacon

Verse 2
I’m on the grind skateboard
I’m a go nuts — Acorn
They tried to take shots — Paintball
But I’ll cross when I want like a J Walk
Your weaves synthetic
If you think that you’re gonna get past me, then you can forget it!
Like, Hello
Do you hear me?
I’ve been dying to let you know that you’re the biggest wasteman
Look I’ll take you for some garlic bread
I’ll take him for a tuna salad
Just when they thought I was done I gave them Another one DJ Khaled
So Don’t think you’re bad
Cus your man prees my Instagram
So you got mad then hit the fan
I hit him up then I hit the dab like WOO!
That’s it.
Don’t try talk with your black lips
I Heat things up like June 1st
I took the crown Miss Universe

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Слова песни Lady Leshurr — Queen’s Speech 5.

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