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Lady Leshurr — #UNLESHED 3 (Humble Freestyle)

Lady Leshurr — #UNLESHED 3 (Humble Freestyle) текст песни

На этой странице вы найдете текст песни Lady Leshurr — #UNLESHED 3 (Humble Freestyle)

Gimme the mic lemme get dirty widit
Touch it up lemme get flirty widit
I swerve on em I’m curvy widit
My bars on lock it wasn’t worth a visit
I’m tryna see numbers like 30 digits
I’m on job this is your work apprentice
They’re concerned I think I hurt their feelings
So when I’m finished you gonna need a nurse a dentist
Make the whole place just shout out
One time for the real man like WHOAH
Two times for the real gyal inside that respect themselves and carry their own
Tell a man please don’t get involved
I’ll take him off silent like a ringtone
Hit em with the fast double tap combo
Don’t big up your chest just be humble

Sit down
You stumbled, they fell
You crumbled, quit now
They dumbos, deep down

Verse 2
I’m just chilling in the whip billing up a quick vibe with ya man with the seat back
I’m just killing everyting
Fling em in a ditch I’m a have to rip that
BRB I’m a be back
I’m a get dark like your kneecaps
Recap think hard like a week back
You ain’t hard yuh ah Eedjat
Certain man wanna talk my name like kids hmmm what you chat bout?
Do not make me call pon da Lord for a man real quick
Look I’ll be like
Holy Mary full of grace
Flows are deadly know your place
Over wary and I’m overpaid
They wanna judge me but I don’t hold a case
They don’t know my aim
Got on my Poker face
I tell em slow your roll
Don’t even know your name
I’m at your throat again
Just like a choker chain
I got flows for days for weeks and years and more
It’s no debate to me so curtain call
Expose a fake for free I’ll murk em all
I don’t prefer to speak and furthermore
You won’t return the key don’t work the door

Be humble, sit down
You stumbled, they fell
You crumbled, quit now
They dumbos, deep down

Verse 3
All these numbers round me looking like I hit the lottery
Come get this work to be on top it takes a boss to be
The Mandem love my shape wanna get their hands around it pottery
I’m the one I’m crazy with the wand like Harry Potter be
Queen Speech done went viral!!!
When noone had my back — Spinal
And if I see things that I like I COP it 5-0
You’re a side man that’s a side note
Like a vinyl get spin spin spin
I’m old school like tin tin tin
Eat up a track that’s din din din
You will get run like an engine rimmmm
Monkey mouth gyal they King Kong King
Punchlines knock em out ding dong ding
You will get knocked, back and forth ping pong pong ping pong ping!!


Be humble sit down x3

Verse 4
Thinking back to when I was last happy
It’s been over 6 months since I’ve seen my family
Feels like I’ve lost so much but I have to fight
Cus I already knew that would be a sacrifice
So I’m out here starving losing my appetite
Watching the world go by passing time
I knew I had the spark from day I’m dark but I had the light
So I had to fly
I swear becah Them gyal have got it in for me
These gyal have got it in for me
They all wanna be infamous, and war they wanna bring to us
But that will never get to me
These gyal are sour like a lemon tree
Their groundwork is a mystery
You do not know my history
Mi tell them not to mess with me
I’m balling like a cricket team
And all isn’t what it seems
Find it hard to express
I can’t say it out loud I’d rather just text
I was on a low but I’m back now thank God yeah I’m blessed
I keep my bible by my side and pray for the best
So bun the bad mind 3 times over and forever
They ain’t gonna get no pleasure
They don’t meet no measure
Pressure I’m feeling too much pressure
I just got one question
Why do they wanna bring me down?
Bring me down
Why do they wanna bring me down?
Bring me down

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Слова песни Lady Leshurr — #UNLESHED 3 (Humble Freestyle).

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