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Snowgoons – Goon Bap

Snowgoons – Goon Bap текст песни

На этой странице вы найдете текст песни Snowgoons – Goon Bap

[Reef The Lost Cauze]

I was a 80’s baby raised in the 90’s
I was barely touching 13 when shit got grimy
I had a ball-head army fatigue hoodie
I thought i was Sticky Fingaz my fingers stayed in some pussy
Timbs on my feet my cypher complete
On a stolen BMX looking for a cypher to eat
In the staircases 40 bottles and dutch guts, guns everywhere
Eyes burning from the dust blunts
I walk with warriors, certified street fighters
Sour Patch Kids in the corners playing street fighter
No fathers around we let the streets guide us
Lost so many brothers yeah you know the streets got us
Thank god for Hip Hop for Kane, Big and Pac for Nas and Big L
Last Emp lived up the block
Black Thought made me believe i can make it
90’s shit this was my education


Hip-hop vinyl and cd stores tought me to put a needle on
A record, and learn english
When Garden of Eden gone, graffiti walls were in my headphones
I wasn’t street involved, I was writing
Or recording Yo! MTV Raps on my VCR
It was my drug, a couple of kids in my crew
Got death certificates from drugs, while I listened to Cube
When Black Moon told me to Enta Da Stage, I wasn´t waitin
So studying Gangstarr was a Daily Operation
Felt alive among walking cadavers, hip-hop was all that would matter
Life was a bitch, but Nas was dropping Illmatic
Kris Kross fan, backwards pants, tough on the bladder
And 90’s beats were harder than Bob Dole poppin Viagra
Shit would erupt, daily 12 inches were copped
Rappers in the 90’s left it to Lewinsky to suck
Real hip-hop will glow forever, pray that I will flow forever
My religion is rap, thank God for the golden era

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Слова песни Snowgoons – Goon Bap.

Альбом: Goon Bap (2016)

На альбомах Snowgoons всегда было людно, но здесь, кажется, они превзошли сами себя. Тут приняли участие рэперы из разных поколений, которых...

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