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Prop Dylan – Down For Whateva

Prop Dylan – Down For Whateva текст песни

На этой странице вы найдете текст песни Prop Dylan – Down For Whateva

I try to find some peace, but this industry’s a moving train
It don’t matter the leg work, you’ll lose the game
Q and A, who to blame, in this current state
I don’t know, I just maneuver through this new terrain
See my pain is potent, the stress is post traumatic
It’s not a fair game, the rests below the average
Fuck a smear campaign, I try to forgive and forget
But it’s hard when my memories are photographic
Behold the static, as they slide in on banana peel
I’d rather live hand to mouth, than stuck inside a hamster wheel
And bleed for my cause not chase a mirage as I try to find some mass appeal
Is that for real? just the words from a strange mind
So fuck what you head through the grape wine
We’re on the same branch chirping, so I saw it off
That’s how you kill two birds at the same time

They wanted a master piece, so I sold them the pallet
Cuz they weren’t ready for the strokes on the canvas
How could I let them frame my work of art
When pain turns to thought and not a soul understands it
A close handed, branch so think twice
Every move that you draw, you’re skating on thin ice
At first they treat you like royalty, with loyalty and trust
But really aiming to slice up your wind pipes
In this life, i stand up for what i create
If it wasn’t for my vision id be stuck off a wage
On a regular job, now only if i had a thousand for the times
I had a door slamed shut in my face
Id be chilling in cuba, scuba diving off a yacht
its now or never opportunity knock
I’ve put my life on this, so I, follow the plan
All i need is a mic in my hand and five hundred fans

We’re cut from the same cloth
No dime a dozens, and nothing like cake walks
If we’re down for whatever, we suffer the same loss
And go through it together, the struggle will pay off
Hungry than ever, but we never won a grammy
All we do is bop and weave and ready the double whammies
Could come in handy, cuz when the time come
Yo we stick to the plan, thats how we get the job done

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