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ONYX – Black Rock

ONYX – Black Rock текст песни

На этой странице вы найдете текст песни ONYX – Black Rock

Fredro and sticky:
Black rock (over and over)

Krs one he eplained black cop
We mixed it with guitars and we made it black rock
We spray em in the club and you can still get shot
I’m on my didddy pop lemonade is the rock
I jump off the stage with my chain and my watch
Get back on stage with my chain and my watch
Where new york at? did we miss big pop?
Got west coast love
Wish i could bring back pop
I’m in the back drop
The haters gotta love to keep a Glock in my in rocking republic
Make me pop off in public
Born today people watch and do nothing
They stop and start runnin and running the cops even dumber
Yall nigga wanna change the topic or subject
Hip hop any dead yet
They just got shot in the stomach
They throw their gats like us
When they act like us
But nobody on the corner got ratchets like us

Fredro and sticky:
Black rock (over and over)

Yo i’m black rock, i’m all skull and bones
I’m heavy metal mostly, unleaded chrome
I’m coming back from hell and i’m headed home
You nobody till they kill you and you dead and gone
My nigga dro got taxed, i only got scars
My skate boards is luxury cars
See women are from venus and men from mars
I shot first, guy missed
Now i’m amongst the stars
And i ain’t no alchy, i know my limit
Shit i always stop drinking when the room starts spinning
When i’m up in the spot i command attention
My name sticky fingers but my hands be itching
If i’m car huntin or chrome watching
Surprised that i’m breathing
I sleep with the sunrise and wake up in the evening
I’m on the prowl like i never stay roused
Just too wild

Fredro and sticky:
Black rock (over and over)

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Слова песни ONYX – Black Rock.

Альбом: Black Rock

«Black Rock» интерполирует интенсивный хардкорный вокал ONYX, усиленный ударными и тяжёлыми гитарными риффами, чтобы создать самый...

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