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Joey Bada$$ — 500 Benz

Joey Bada$$ — 500 Benz текст песни

На этой странице вы найдете текст песни Joey Bada$$ — 500 Benz

500 Benz
500 Benz
Statik Selektah
500 Benz
500 Benz

Took the business class seats back to NYC
Left LAX with a bag of the THC
Straight reekin’
Nowadays I bounce back and forth each weekend
Shorter days, longer nights, from my lack of sleepin’
Thinkin’ when this bi-coastal life is just dreams and
Now a nigga headed west the cold seasons
Wrist below freezin’, chicks is strip teasin’
They only suck a nigga when a nigga succeedin’
If she a go-getter then she never will achieve ’em
Best believe, ’cause all I do is fuckin’ lead ’em
Off in the right direction, teacher lent me lessons
Reduce the stress and balance out the imperfections
Honeys falling in my lap like many blessings
Every night ‘fore I take the chance, I ask questions
Somethin’ like, can you meet me at the Westin?
And after I fuck you, girl can I fuck your best friend?
Fuck it, I’m just shootin’ all my shots now
Hard to be humble, when you ridin’ with your top down
Picture me rollin’ up in my SL500 Benz
Mami sip on the potion while her hair blowin’ in the wind
I’m just tryna win but they hatin’ from the sideline
These niggas watch mine like a nigga primetime
I’m ten thousand feet right above your skyline
Sippin’ on the fine wine, the only thing on my mind

500 Benz, AMG package
’95 classic, rare Gucci jacket
With the Cartier glasses, just to match it

So anytime I’m pullin’ off, it’s getaway fashion
Coppers’ll never catch him, I got hustler’s passion
Chick in my passenger seat, she lookin’ like she came out the pageant
And she down for anything that I ask or imagine
So I hit the corner store and copped a pack of the Magnums, shit
‘Cause I ain’t playin’ no games
Lil R&B chick and I ain’t sayin’ no names
Let her rock the mic and give a nigga soul brain
By the time this shit drops she’ll prolly be my old thang
I’m just young and livin’, pullin’ many women
If you was in my shoes, I bet you couldn’t say you wouldn’t
Been in the deep end since I got my foot in
Now these niggas wanna ride the wave all a sudden

SL500 Benz with the AMG package
And the rare Gucci jacket, Cartier glasses, just to match it
Cartier glasses, just to match it
I said
SL500 Benz with the rare Gucci jacket
And the AMG package
Cartier glasses, just to match it
Match it, Cartier glasses, just to match it, skrrt

500 Benz
Match it
500 Benz
Match it
500 Benz
Match it, match it
500 Benz
500 Benz

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Слова песни Joey Bada$$ — 500 Benz.

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