C-Dubb presents: “The Mob Hour, Vol. 3″

C-Dubb presents: “The Mob Hour, Vol. 3″
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Рэпер и продюсер из Сакраменто C-Dubb выпустил 3 часть из серии The Mob Hour”. Все 22 трэка спродюсировал C-Dubb. Среди гостей: Smigg Dirtee, Reece Loc, Turf Talk, DB The General, Hollow Tip, Matt Blaque, San Quinn, Tony Snow, Young Droop, Unknown, COS, Skip Dog (EZSD), Ton G и ещё куча исполнителей.


1. Dusted (feat. Smigg Dirtee, Db the General, Turf Talk & Hollow Tip)
2. Power Trip (feat. Reece Loc, Tony Snow & Tha Boi P)
3. Land Of The Free (feat. C.O.S.)
4. Coastin (feat. Hex, Mac Devious & Big Jess)
5. City Lights (feat. S.B.)
6. It’s a Dirty Game (feat. Skip Dog)
7. Kan U Feel Me (feat. Ton G)
8. Get It Back (feat. Zaylee Bussin)
9. Whatsup (feat. Young Droop, Unknown & Wicket Point)
10. Shitten (feat. Ton G, Chey Dolla & Savage Joso)
11. XO (feat. Cheech, Rowdy & Fall-T)
12. Come See Me (feat. The Clinic)
13. Homicide (feat. Venomous Kennedy & Unknown)
14. We Mobbin (feat. Talksick & Family)
15. It’s Nuthin (feat. San Quinn & R.I.T.Z.)
16. West Coast Mobbin (feat. GFN & R3D)
17. Goodnight (feat. Matt Blaque, Boogie Locs, Unknown & Tank)
18. Each One Teach One (feat. Greg Double, Reece Loc & Tony Snow)
19. D.O.A. (feat. Clay Dogg, Half Breed, Unknown & Mandito Brown)
20. Hustle and the Struggle (feat. Reece Loc, Masyah & Siyeed)
21. Mobb On Ya (feat. Huero Locon)
22. Money Motivated (feat. Optimiztiq, Magik & Hollow Tip)

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