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Mozzy, Sjava & Reason — Seasons

Mozzy, Sjava & Reason — Seasons текст песни

На этой странице вы найдете текст песни Mozzy, Sjava & Reason — Seasons

Seasons change
There’s still time for us to run away
Seasons change
There’s still time for us to run away

[Verse 1: Sjava]
San’bonan endlini
USjava kaJama Indlalifa igama ley’nsizwa mina
Ng’phuma le enzansi, kwafel ubala
Insizwa uma ina-thirty five kthiwa is’ indala
Laph’ eng’phuma khona maw’phuma khona bathi aw’fiki la
Ngyamangala uma ngi-la
Bebathi ng’yophelel emoyeni, ba-right
Manje ngiy’nkanyezi
Njengoba ngik’tshela ngempilo yami
Ng’funa uthathe nayi imfundiso yami (lalela la wena)
Ithemba alibulali
Ukube l’yabulala ngabe nihamba phey’kwami

[Chorus: Sjava]
Ngith’ angandawo la
Go away (far away)
Ngith’ angandawo la
Go away (far away)

[Verse 2: Mozzy]
I cry with lil’ brotha, got high and watched the sunrise
Wiggle on ’em if it’s One Time they done hung all of my people
I love all of my people, I’m in the slums with all of my people
They trynna tell us that we all equal
We gettin’ no justice so it ain’t peaceful
Think they bluffin’ they ain’t gon’ beat you
Paid attorney we gon’ need it
Momma told me there was demons, she ain’t never lied on her G
She worked her ass off just to feed us, she went to Ross to cop the new Adidas
She used to tap in with all the teachers, they wasn’t teaching nothin’ it wasn’t no secret
Whole lotta grind, lil’ niggas beefin’, we gotta keep it or end up a victim
Trapped in the system, trafficking drugs, modern-day slavery, African thugs
We go to war with this African blood, We go to war with this African blood
When I put niggas on it was all out of love
You was disloyal can’t call it no love

[Chorus: Sjava]
Ngith’ angandawo la
Go away (far away)

[Verse 3: Reason]
(Season change)
You know we at the stove with it [?] my niggas know we gon’ get it
(Season change)
Dodgin’ cops fuck around and get locked you never comin’ home with it
Look, my nigga, I came from the sewer, don’t shit on my past you ain’t come from manure
You see Reason and you see LA, but bitch I ain’t come for no ruin
Just know all of my niggas we struggled for it, had to hustle for it, cried puddles for it
My pops watch my sister get locked for it
I done seen my niggas get popped for it like (pop!)
Gimme that, I carry the llama like a piggyback
I carry my city like guilt that ain’t got no forgiveness
No way out, shit we locked in the system
Catch a case and they not gon’ forgive ya
White skin you be out before Christmas
Shit, auntie missed eight of those days
Tears from me had to pray those days, had to slave those days
Shit, we had to hit up a couple hood-give-aways those days
Thank God for every inch that he gave us
Thank God for everything ’cause he made us
Like when that car bent the block, brock, brock, brock
Hit the homie but we made it, he already saved us
Thinkin’ that he could’ve died nigga
We was praying to the sky and his mother cried rivers
Healed up, but tough luck, he tried to get revenge
Had to drop but his popped and they killed him
Worst part is that it sound so familiar

I am T’Challa
I am Killmonger
One world, one God, one family

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