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Evil Intentions — Food Of The Gods (2015)

Evil Intentions — Food Of The Gods (2015)
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Evil Intentions вернулись со своим вторым альбомом под громким названием «Food Of The Gods» 

Formaldahyde и Anonamix объединились с DJ Drew Dollars (Jedi Mind Tricks) и заручились поддержкой таких корифеев андеграунда как Gore Elohim(Goretex из Non Phixion), Tragedy Khadafi, Blacastan, Chris Rivers, Bekay, R.A. the Rugged Man, Canibus

Всем любителям подземки строго в кач!


01. Food Of The Gods (Feat. Gore Elohim) (Prod. by White Shadow Of Norway)
02. Absorption Of Knowledge (Prod. by Hypnotist)
03. Heavens Gate (Prod. by Faz)
04. Albert Hofmann (Feat. Jack Tripper) (Prod. by White Shadow Of Norway)
05. Hostile Apostles (Prod. by A June & J Beat)
06. Massive Decay (feat. C-Rayz Walz & Kwote1) (Prod. by Grim Reaperz)
07. Forensic Pathology (Feat. Absoulut Karnage, Marcanum X & Benevox) (Prod. by Life Or Death/Cuts by DJ Madhandz)
08. No Mercy (Feat. Solomon Childs, Chief Kamachi, Thirstin Howl 3rd & Young Dirty Bastard) (Prod. by Junior Makhno)
09. Gods Amongst Men (Feat. C-Rayz Walz) (Prod. by Ganjak)
10. Alien Ancestors (Feat. Canibus) (Prod. Flag Captured)
11. Celestial Brilliance (Feat. Tragedy Khadafi, Marcanum X & Blacastan) (Prod. Skammadix)
12. Omnipotent (Feat. Chris Rivers, Bekay & C-Rayz Walz) (Prod. J Beat)
13. Clash Of The Writans (Feat. Absoulut Karnage, C-Rayz Walz & Klive Kraven) (Prod. by Engineer)
14. Old World Disorder (Feat. Savant & Copywright) (Prod. by Faz/Cuts By DJ Zashone)
15. Flamethrowers (Feat. R.A. the Rugged Man, Bekay & Vitiate) (Prod. by Grim Reaperz/Cuts by White Shadow Of Norway)
16. Kaleidoscope Geometry (Feat. Virtuoso & Canibus) (Prod. by Snowgoons)

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