Jedi Mind Tricks ‎– The Psycho-Social, Chemical, Biological, And Electro-Magnetic Manipulation Of Human Consciousness

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A1 Intro

A2 The Winds Of War

A3 Chinese Water Torture Feat. Breath Of Judah

A4 The Three Immortals Feat. Apathy, Breath Of Judah

A5 Neva Antiquated: Dark Jedi Remix Feat. The Sun Pharaoh

A6 Omnicron Feat. Apathy, The Sun Pharaoh

B1 As It Was In The Beginning… Feat. The Lost Children Of Babylon

B2 Books Of Blood: The Coming Of Tan Feat. El Eloh

B3 Incanatrix

B4 The Immaculate Conception

B5 The Apostle’s Creed Feat. Apathy, Yan The Phenomenon

B6 I Who Have Nothing

Bonus Tracks

C1 Communion: The Crop Circle Thesis (1996) Feat. The Lost Children Of Babylon

C2 Onetwothree (1995)

C3 Souls From The Streets (1994) Feat. Dubside Collective

D1 Last Straw (Onesoul Remix) (1994) Feat. Arch Leon

D2 Tug Of War (1993) Feat. Arch Leon

D3 Get This Low (1993) Feat. Black Thought, Jus Allah